Digital Native & Immigrant to Visitor & Resident

  Source taken from: Prensky’s article talks about the connection between computer competency and age. Which talks about how Digital Native and Digital Immigrant are being segregated. In context, Digital Native are people that are born into the digital generation where technology revolves around them. However, not everyone are fortunate to have access to […]

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#MANG2049 Digital Profile

Before the start of the #MANG2049 module, I was given the task to evaluate myself on the digital literacy. It is one of the way that will be beneficial to me in gauging where I am currently. Below are the following results that I have gathered for myself: Rating at the start of module Comments […]

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#MANG2049 Self Introduction

Hello Everyone! I’m Wan Chyng, a undergraduate pursuing a BSc(Hons) in Marketing at University of Southampton.  Before deciding on a degree course to take, I was from Republic Polytechnic studying Business Information System. Decided to switch my path from IT to Business. Hoping that i made the right choice. Anyway, I am a quiet student […]

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