#MANG2049 Self Introduction

Hello Everyone!

I’m Wan Chyng, a undergraduate pursuing a BSc(Hons) in Marketing at University of Southampton.  Before deciding on a degree course to take, I was from Republic Polytechnic studying Business Information System. Decided to switch my path from IT to Business. Hoping that i made the right choice.

Anyway, I am a quiet student that doesn’t speak up much. So I’m hoping that after this module, I would be able to speak up more on social medias. However, if there is an topic that I am interested in, I would definitely have a lot to speak up about! So, do feel free to ask about what I like and how I am able to talk or discussed about it.

Despite being a quiet student, I am the type of person that is more hands-on. So sitting on a desk for most of the day bores me a lot, thus leading me to work in a fast pace environment such as H&M!

Before I end my post, do comment on my blogs for the topics that will be discussed! #MANG2049

Have a good day!


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