#MANG2049 Digital Profile

Before the start of the #MANG2049 module, I was given the task to evaluate myself on the digital literacy. It is one of the way that will be beneficial to me in gauging where I am currently.

Below are the following results that I have gathered for myself:

Rating at the start of module Comments
Accessing, managing and evaluating online information 3 I am good in looking for documents or online resource. However, my weakness is that I am uncertain if what I found is credible.
Participating in online communities 1 Even though I am good in searching for things online, but I am quiet in terms of commenting on people’s item.
Building online networks around an area of interest 1 I do not have a network surrounding my interest as I am unsure of it. But I am interested in getting a network on the social media.
Collaborating with others 3 I’m good in collaborating with others as that is what my polytechnic teaches me in doing. Examples are collaboration using Google Docs and PowerPoint.
Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video) 2 I’ve created website design as well as programming during my polytechnic days as an IT student.
Managing your online identity 2 Since I am quiet in my social media, I believe that I am a silent user.
Managing your online privacy and security 3 In my social medias, I have set certain privacy filters so that my stuff are kept private.

Looking at the results, I was shocked to find that I am actually being quite silent in my social network. Despite being good at certain components, I am actually weak in building relationships and networks on the social media.

Knowing where my weaknesses are at, I believe that with the guidance that I can get from my classmates as well as from the lectures, l will be able to improve my scores and be more social able through online medias. As of now, the score that I am getting is 15/35. My aim at the end of the module is to get 30/35.


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