Topic 1 – Reflective Summary & Comments

Reading through some of my classmates’ blog, it seems that quite a few of them have similar online behavior as me. Most importantly, there are some interesting blogs that I have seen which talks about how the internet influence and motivate their behavior on the internet.

Looking across different blogs, I found certain blogs to be interesting and knowledgeable in terms of the work that they produced. And there are certain sentences that makes me ponder and question more.

[Topic1]Ryan's comment
Taken from Ryan’s Blog post

[Topic1]WeiJie's post

Taken from Wei Jie’s Blog post

Upon reading their blogs, I agree with them that a combination of both approaches should be used to identify a person. There are chances that young people are visitor and immigrant due to their personal circumstances. So there are always two sides to a story. By understanding what motivates them to use the net for, helps us to understand what their behavior in the net are.

In terms of comments, both posts that I read helped me to understand better about visitor and residents. With their expressed views, I was able to understand more about the factors affecting the method they are using the Internet for such as motivation and digital competency.

Having read other classmates’ blog, I now realized that everyone have a different perspective on what they think about the topic. I also understand about the way they view the topic in. It can be their own experience or someone else’s. Regardless of how one thinks about the topic, the important factor we need to know is that everyone can use the net for different purpose and roles be it being a visitor or resident.

Link to Clinton’s post: Clinton’s Post
Link to Ryan’s post: Ryan’s Post


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