Topic 2 – Reflective Summary & Comments

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Reading through my classmates’ post on for or against having multiple online identities is quite insightful. It allows me to ponder through whether if it is really a good thing or a bad thing. At the end of the topic, it really drills down to how you classify yourself online as to what purpose it brings to. Shannon commented on my post about how multiple online identities is a norm. However, with multiple online identities, it does indeed make ourselves cater to different group of people. Thinking about catering to different group of people, make me think what we are all wearing a mask that is shown to specific people. At the end of the day, we do not really know who we are ourselves.

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In my comment in Yixin’s blog also helped to answer my query if having different username for different accounts regard as multiple online identity. Yes, it does multiple online identity because there are different username. However, if a single username is used on different social media, this could mean a single online identity. But the bad thing is: we have to be responsible for everything that we have done on our profile.

Also noted in Ryan’s blog post about online impersonation, it is crucial on where we are setting our accounts on as we do not know who are lurking behind those website. An example that Ryan brought up would be on Tinder. It is a dating app. However, it can be dangerous because people looking for their other party there but with the profile view. So, if someone put another person’s picture up, we might get conned to think it is really them. We really need to be careful of what we out online as there are always people cheating other people.

In conclusion, whether if we want to set up different accounts for different purpose will be up to us. But there isn’t always privacy on the Internet. Even though having multiple online identities helps to maintain our well-being in terms of being social or professional. But we must still be aware of what we put online as it is not always safe.

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