Topic 3 – Reflective Summary & Comments

which-profileTaken from The Art of Looking Good via Google

 Looking back into the past, since when does recruiter goes online to search for employee? Shouldn’t it be prospective employee looking for them instead? I guess the era has change. This has prompted me to understand that technology has changed the way people ae finding job because of the different types of online media that are catered to our needs. However, it is not as easy as ABC by following what the online media tells us to do. If we were to just put our information on LinkedIn, it just shows us our achievements on the professional side.

Tian Yi shared an image about the evolution of recruitment which I find it beneficial as it is compared between active and passive recruitment in era of pre-computer and where we are now. With that infographic, we are able to analyse the changes that recruitment have gone through. It is also true that we must be conscious of what we post online as we do not wish to have an incident (Justine Sacco) to occur to us. With that trending on the internet, it can tarnish our reputation and prevent people from hiring us as we may bring damage to their company.

With reference to Renu’s blog, I agree to her point – “For it to be authentic, however, takes time and proper management”. It is easy to create an online profile, but it is even harder to make sure that it is professional because a lot of time is dedicated. Recruiters will tend to look at a profile for a period of time before deciding whether to hire that person or not. This is because company wants to hire people that are willing to work for them for a long period of time.

In conclusion, an authentic professional online profile would require patience and time to manage it. On top of that, we will need to consider the identities that we put online. If we did something wrong, we might get judged for it for a long time. Thus, we need to be careful of what we do online if we want a professional profile.

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