Topic 4 – Reflective Summary & Comments

 words-are-weapons-tasteTaken from Have A Laugh On Me via Google

Social media can be a good and bad thing to many of us. But it all boils down to how we use the internet for. Are we using it for the well-being or are we using it to insult or bully other people? As a marketer, we should use social media in the correct way instead of insulting other people. The fact that social media is used by a lot of people, it can be spread out speedily. In the case that we did something badly online, it can led to a large number of consequences.

Looking at how my classmates respond to the question, there were some that focus it in terms of paid advertising(Clinton’s), freedom of speech(HuiMin’s & KaiYuan’s) and online shaming(Nicholas’s). In my blog post, I stated that what we place online will determine our internet behavior. With that saying, what we placed online will definitely put our reputation at stake as well. In the case of Amos Yee, Emilia place in a comment that we have to be responsible for what we post online. There are also many perspective in how we want to express ourselves.

SmartLocalTaken from The Top Bloggers and Blog Sites in Singapore via alvinology, Google

In terms of business ethnics used in social media, Clinton’s post resonates to me the most as there have been a saga due to paid advertorials. With paid advertorials, it actually questions the true integrity of reviews or how bloggers are using it. There have been cases whereby company are requesting for fake reviews to get the blogger to promote for them. With celebrity bloggers promoting it, it helps benefit the company in terms of monetary and reputation.

Taken from Bruce Sallen via Google

Nicholas on the other hand discussed about shaming people online. Shaming people online is definitely offensive as we do not really know the whole story beforehand. Reading it off from social media and criticizing it is the same as abusing them. By saying no to shaming people, we should actually know stories from both side before making a decision. But it is also not wise to criticize other people.

Taken from Marilu Stuart via Tumblr, Google

In conclusion, I believe that everyone should be careful and conscious of what they post online despite their privacy setting. Regardless of it being a professional or personal profile, we should be mindful of the words we use in prevention of hurting the other party. There are often cases that what we put online might indirectly hurt the other person.

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