Are materials online always free?

What are free materials online?

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As students in the 21st century, we often use internet to do research for our assignments, homework as well as further understanding of the topic. More schools and teachers are relying on internet for teaching and searching for assignment topics.

Even though we are able to get free materials from online libraries, there are some materials that consist of a paywall. When online materials have a paywall, it affects us in a way that we have to pay for the whole book just to get a section of it. Which is definitely bad news for us if it is the only material that is useful to use.

Advantage of open access for materials

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With open access available on the internet, information can be reach out to more people. Students and researcher will benefit out of it when they are trying to complete their assignment or research as they are able to use it for references. Students will be able to have a wider range of resources to look into. With a large pool of resources to look into, they are able to widen their horizon and produce better work in the future.

Exposure of content helps to benefit more people as they are able to view and share it among their friends. With more sharing on the internet, we are able to cite articles that can help fellow schoolmates to find reliable sources. With an increase in citation, it helps to let more people know about their work which helps them to gain credibility and recognition. It can even benefit researchers to find solutions for their patients online.

Disadvantages of open access for materials

Quality of material can be compromised because they do not go through reviews. For authors, in order to gain recognition, they will tend to post up more articles. Because there are many articles that are open access, it can be a trouble to search for a good article. Thus bringing down the quality of the article that have been posted online.

Publication fees can be a major issue for the writers or researchers because of the license fee that they have to pay. On top of that, articles are posted on the internet which means that we will have access to it. When we have access to articles, we tend to ignore donations that is stated on the website. Somebody will definitely have to pay for it to be online which there might be chances that the author are paying for it to remain online.

openaccess_typeTaken from J. Murrey Atkins Library Via Google

Even though it is good that articles are open access whereby it helps to aid everyone in what they can do with it. However, with open access, it downgrades the quality of the piece of article. With a downgraded article, we might not fully understand it. A paid article or book might even be better as they will definitely have the sufficient information that we needed. With that saying, if we want to have a good material online, we often need to pay for it.

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