The first step

Time flies so quickly and it’s the final post for the module! Looking back at all the Google Hangout, Twitter and blog post that we have done, it is truly entertaining.


Looking back at the rating I gave myself at the start and end of the module, I’m glad in the improvement that I’ve made. Through the five topics and Google Hangout that we did, I realize the importance of having an online profile.  Thus, I tweaked some changes to my social media accounts such as creating another twitter account and changing my privacy settings on Facebook.

This module have taught me to manage all my social media accounts which helps me to further refine my online footprints and enhance my employability rate.




Before the start of this module, I used it almost every day to catch up on the latest news from my friends as well as shared information from them. Even in my photo album, there were a lot of irrelevant photos. Applying what I’ve learnt from Topic 2, I changed my privacy setting in Facebook to make my profile look clean since our potential employees might check on our behavior online. In addition, I also cleaned up my photo albums and deleted away unpleasant photos.



I had a LinkedIn account during my polytechnic days as required by my lecturer. After creating the account, I ignored it until the start of the module. In the beginning, I didn’t think much of it until Topic 3 started. I now know how to utilize it by updating on my job experiences, schools and other relevant information and how to showcase ourselves on the Internet. With a LinkedIn profile, I can be updated with the job opportunities that various companies are offering. It is a professional platform for me to keep myself informed and build a network.




My personal account was open and public to everyone. However, I created another account for this module. With this new account, I will be able to use it to show my professional online identity and catch up on latest information regarding marketing. After learning about managing our online identities, I have privatize my personal account. But the second account will still be in use for career improvement.

How do I plan to take this forward into the future?

In conclusion, this module had introduced me to a lot of things such as blogging, communicating as well as how we promote ourselves online. With this new profound knowledge, I hope to further improve my social media profile as well as my professional profile.

Something that I plan on continue doing would be to engage and contribute in online community, and get more connections on LinkedIn. Apart from just contributing, I would also like to set a goal towards my aim and continue to work hard in my current part-time job which may lead into a successful internship placement job for me.

I would also like to thank Lisa, Sarah and Nicholas for their invaluable time that they took to answer and read up on our blogpost.

Link to my social media:

facebook(logo)  Twitter Logo  wordpress-logo-notext-rgb  LinkedIn_logo_initials

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