Hello everyone!


It’s great to meet everyone here! I’m Wan Chyng and currently studying in University of Southampton in SIMGE(Singapore). Before this, I was from Republic Polytechnic studying Diploma in Business Information System.

My interest revolves around food and games.
I guess I can be called a foodie because I love trying new food whenever it is possible with my friend. I would tend to search online for new restaurant and try it once i had the time to do it. Apart from eating, I love baking and cooking as well. So while being at home, I would tend to cook lunch for myself and help out my mum in the kitchen.
As for games, I like to play games that are rhythmic due to my love for beats and bass.

As i started to work in fashion clothing store, i became more aware of my attire and how i portray myself to people. I often would recommend my friends on how they can dress up in with the selected style for the season.

My next aim that i have would be to own a DSLR camera and start to make beautiful memories with it.

Last but not least, I hope to make it an enjoyable stay in my blog! Do feel free to comment and see how we are able to get along!


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